Award Buzz (Daily) Award Buzz (Accumulative)

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This interactive dataviz tracks predictions surrounding five major US award ceremonies: the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, the Golden Globes, the Producers Guild Association (PGA) Awards, the Directors Guild Association (DGA) Awards and the Academy Awards (Oscars).

The visualization monitors both daily and accumulative optimism for each award, breaking down the differing opinions between critics and the public. It also provides some more in-depth facts about the nominations, underlining which are most discussed online and which are most mentioned as likely contenders.


To view nominee data, choose a category on the left.

Select an entry in the second column to view nominations in the same category.

The share of positive social media predictions, gathered, cleaned and analyzed by Brandwatch, is shown to the right of the lists in both daily and accumulative breakdowns. Daily breakdowns can be reviewed on a day-by-day basis by using the date selectors at the bottom of the screen.

We compare comments by critics and the public, highlighting differences between voices of authority and the word on the street. A ranking on the right shows the ‘winners’ of each award, as predicted by the public and critics.

The Scorecards provide additional data for the selected film or TV program.


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The Credits is an online magazine sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America that celebrates the hard work and creativity that goes into making the movies and television shows we all love.

Often we’re leaving the theater, changing the channel or clicking through to the next episode on Hulu by the time the credits roll; we hit the pause button to take a better look at the names on the screen.

There are countless creators and makers to meet, each with a great story behind the story.