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Social media victory for Brazil
14th July 2014: 17:00 From a team mentions perspective, Germany with 427,010 mentions still didn’t beat Brazil mentions during their 1 - 7 defeat, with Brazil receiving 641,860 mentions. For additional detai... MORE
Germany for the win
germany | 14th July 2014: 17:00 For the first time, a united Germany has won the World Cup. Their last win (for West Germany) was in 1990. Yesterday’s final match was the most tweeted with 861,850 tweets from the star... MORE
Golden Boot
10th July 2014: 9:00 The Golden Boot award, sponsored by Adidas is presented to the leading goalscorer from the tournament. As the ranking currently stands, Columbian James Rodriguez is top of the leaderboard... MORE
From blowout to boredom
argentina | 8th July 2014: 22:00 The semi-finals continued, to the disappointment of the social media world. Halfway through the game, nearly 2,000 people had tweeted they were “bored” or thought the Argentina vs Net... MORE
Germany’s huge win garners huge traffic
germany | 8th July 2014: 22:00 To say yesterday’s game was a blowout is an understatement. Twitter reported upwards of 35.6 million mentions of the 7-1 German victory. For reference, our data shows that tweets around... MORE
Germany wins, but Neymar still the focus
brazil | 8th July 2014: 22:00 The German team certainly enjoyed a strong confidence boost yesterday. With seven goals among five players, many will have something to celebrate for a lifetime. They all received quite a... MORE
Germany is on a semi-finals scoring spree
germany | 8th July 2014: 22:00 It’s safe to say that out of the nearly 500,000 mentions on Twitter about the World Cup today, nearly every single one is discussing today’s semi-final game between Germany and Brazil... MORE
A blow to Neymar’s spine and Brazil’s hopes
brazil | 7th July 2014: 15:00 The three players that have arguably set the world cup alight more than any others are Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Colombia’s James Rodriguez and Brazil’s Neymar. Neymar was mentioned... MORE
A bit of dutch courage
netherlands | 7th July 2014: 15:00 The 0-0 quarter final game played out between last tournament’s runners-up and this year’s plucky surprise package was anything but dull, with the main talking point of the game being... MORE
Four quarter final thrillers
7th July 2014: 15:00 Each quarter finalist winner was talked about far more than the losers, with Germany and Argentina enjoying over double the chatter than France and Belgium, Brazil with over 45% more onli... MORE
European battle
germany | 4th July 2014: 16:00 Tonight we see the battle of two of Europe’s footballing giants. France vs Germany in the quarter final of the World Cup. It promises to be a great game, with the sides evenly matched. ... MORE
Overpass in Brazil collapses
4th July 2014: 9:00 Conversation on Twitter around the World Cup has dramatically changed from buzz around the games and the players to the recent tragic event in the host city of Belo Horizonte. Yesterday e... MORE
Positive message from USA fans
united_states | 2nd July 2014: 15:00 Despite the loss, fans of team USA felt positive during and even post match yesterday. The hashtag #ibelievewewillwin was tweeted 11,410 times in the past 24 hours. For additional details... MORE
Howard is Number 1
united_states | 2nd July 2014: 15:00 Team USA may be out of the world cup, after losing 2-1 to Belgium, however goalkeeper Tim Howard ended the game a hero. Howard, who plays in the English Premier League, saved a record bre... MORE
Italian player Chiellini gets biting apology
italy | 1st July 2014: 18:00 The fourth most popular topic in today’s World Cup conversations on Twitter is Team Italy, with 560 mentions in the first half of the day. This is due to news coverage and tweets around... MORE
Least tweeted game
honduras | 1st July 2014: 18:00 Honduras is down and out, literally, having forgone their spot in the round of 16 to Switzerland last week. To add further loss to the one sustained in the tournament, Honduras was part o... MORE
Eliminated, Nigeria still a hot topic
nigeria | 1st July 2014: 18:00 Eliminated during the round of 16 yesterday, #NGA was the 8th most mentioned hashtag in the last day on Twitter. For additional details and data, call or email us: dinah@brandwatch.com, 917.846.2381.
Adidas - top sponsor
1st July 2014: 13:00 Adidas are winning the World Cup sponsor buzz. Their sponsorship of the official World Cup football, along with the sponsorship of two teams still in the tournament, Germany & Argentina s... MORE
Neymar's nailbiter win dominates Twitter
brazil | 30 june 2014: 12:00 At this point, Neymar is the most discussed player on the Twittersphere with over 440,000 mentions. His game-winning goal in penalty kicks against Chile on Saturday earned him over 30,000... MORE
Colombia’s breakout star
colombia | 30 june 2014: 12:00 At twenty-two years old, James Rodríguez has become a true star for his performance in the Colombia vs Uruguay match. His two goals brought Colombia to a clean 2 – 0 win and earned him... MORE
Netherlands benefit from water break
netherlands | 30 june 2014: 10:00 The Dutch team made it through to the quarter finals last night after being awarded a penalty in extra time. The game against Mexico was played in 39C at the Estádio Castelão and saw th... MORE
Penalties eliminate Greece
costa_rica | 30 june 2014: 10:00 Costa Rica progressed to the quarter finals yesterday for the first time in their history. The game was won on penalties, with Costa Rica beating Greece in the shootout 5-3. The dreaded p... MORE
Algeria make it through
algeria | 28 june 2014: 9:00 The Algerian side made history yesterday by making it through to the final 16 for the first time in the teams history. Despite the wonderful achievement for the Algerian team football fan... MORE
Fellaini fails to impress
belgium | 28 june 2014: 9:00 Belgium secured their place in the final 16 yesterday with a 1-0 win over South Korea. Fellaini, famous for his oversized hair, has failed to impress this World Cup. Unsurprisingly Suarez... MORE
Germany triumphs over USA, both advance
germany | 26 june 2014: 16:00 The lead up to today’s USA vs GERMANY game has been discussed ad nauseam; it’s the most mentioned topic on Twitter in the last day with over 116,000 mentions. In the last week, it’s... MORE
Does Suarez fancy a shoulder of Lahm?
germany | 26 june 2014: 16:00 An odd topic getting some traction in Germany team conversations is Uruguay’s Suarez. With over 8,000 mentions in the last 48 hours, Twitter users are speculating Suarez wants to play G... MORE
Going, going, Ghana: Gals dominate Twitter
ghana | 26 june 2014: 16:00 Ghana has been ousted out of the World Cup tournament after today’s game to Portugal, with conversations online related to the team dying down since June 20. Mentions peaked on June 18 ... MORE
Valencia sees Red
ecuador | 26 june 2014: 9:00 The Ecuadorians held a very strong French team to a 0-0 match last night. Despite France’s stronger side total mentions in the past 24 hours on Twitter were close. France had over 40,50... MORE
Hat-trick for Shaqiri
switzerland | 26 june 2014: 9:00 The Swiss team progressed to the final 16 of the World Cup last night with a stunning hat-trick from The Bayern Munich midfielder Xhedran Shaqiri. Brandwatch saw 11,710 mentions of Shaqir... MORE
Messi, Messi, Messi
argentina | 25 june 2014: 16:00 Argentina picked up a big 3 - 2 win today in a hard fought battle against Nigeria. Marcos Rojo, burying Argentina’s winning goal earned over 6,000 mentions while Ahmed Musa, who put in ... MORE
Iran's First Goal
iran | 25 june 2014: 16:00 While the Iran vs. Bosnia match this afternoon may not have been the most anticipated, earning just over 15,000 mentions, it certainly was an important one. Despite Iran losing 3 - 1, Rez... MORE
Luis Suarez
uruguay | 25 june 2014: 16:00 Following Luis Suarez’s bite out of Giorgio Chiellini in the Uruguay vs. Italy game, Suarez has gained significant coverage on the twittersphere. At nearly 200,000 mentions, he is secon... MORE
Sayonora Japan
japan | 25 june 2014: 15:00 The Japanese failed at the last hurdle, succumbing 2-1 to the Elephants in their final group stage game. Manchester United player Shinji Kagawa was the most talked about player from the b... MORE
All Greek
greece | 25 june 2014: 9:00 The 2004 European Champions ensured their place in the next round of the World Cup with a last minute penalty against the Ivory Coast. Greece were awarded a penalty in extra time and Gior... MORE
England out
england | 25 june 2014: 9:00 After a dismal performance in the World Cup England fans were hoping to maintain some pride with a win over Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the England team did not deliver and the game ended ... MORE
Uruguay advances, taking a bite out of Italy
uruguay | 24 june 2014: 20:00 Suarez is indulging in a little Italian this World Cup, as he appeared to have bitten Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini late into their final group game. In just hours, there are nearly 8,000 m... MORE
Cameroon may have lost to Brazil, but they are winning on social
cameroon | 24 june 2014: 15:00 As the World Cup Group stage draws closer to its end, high-profile teams such as Spain head home defeated. After last night’s Brazil-Cameroon game (4-1), Cameroon was ousted from the to... MORE
Host country riding high
brazil | 24 june 2014: 15:00 Beyond a strong team, boasting one of the most popular players Neymar (mentioned about 210,000 times on Twitter since the start), and hosting this year, Brazil is the hot topic in online ... MORE
Early win keeps Chileans talking about Spain
chile | 24 june 2014: 15:00 La Roja may have lost to the Dutch last night, but they are still advancing to the round of 16. Since yesterday Team Chile has been mentioned 204,000 times on Twitter, but the most mentio... MORE
Awe-inspiring Dutch “Wow” the world
netherlands | 24 june 2014: 15:00 Since June 12th when the World Cup kicked off, the Netherlands team is dazzling the world on Twitter. There have been nearly 10,000 mentions of the word Wow in conversations about Clockwo... MORE
Tears for Villa
spain | 24 june 2014: 15:00 Spanish forward David Villa, who is believed to have played his last professional game for his home country yesterday, left the pitch in tears. Villa scored in Spain’s 3-0 win over Aust... MORE
Aussies are out
australia | 24 june 2014: 15:00 The team from downunder ended their World Cup mission with yet another defeat. The Aussies lost all three of their group matches, seeing them finish bottom of their group. The Australian ... MORE
Group A - a tough one to beat
croatia | 24 june 2014: 15:00 Croatia may have come third in Group A, a tough group with hosts Brazil included. However, yesterday and today saw over 207,000 mentions of the Team Croatia on Twitter. For additional det... MORE
Mexico through to next round
mexico | 24 june 2014: 15:00 Currently ranked 20th in the world, Mexico have made it through group stages after beating Croatia 1-3 in their final group game. The passionate manager Miguel Herrera’s reaction to his... MORE
Ronaldo saves the day for Portugal
portugal | 23 june 2014: 15:00 The ‘best player in the world’, Cristiano Ronaldo, proved his worth last night. His last minute cross to teammate Varela leveled the final score at 2-2 with the USA. The anticipation... MORE
Les Fennecs beat S.Korea
algeria | 23 june 2014: 15:00 It was a match full of goals and the first World Cup win for Algeria in 32 years, a wonderful achievement for the team, which is ranked 22nd in FIFA’s rankings. The 4-2 win over S.Korea... MORE
Benzema - France's man of the moment
france | 23 june 2014: 15:00 The France & Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema, following France’s 5-2 win over Switzerland on Friday evening, was named man of the match. Benzema saw over 20,000 mentions on Twitter th... MORE
Two moments of class
uruguay | 20 june 2014: 15:00 Loveable/hateable pantomime villain Luis Suarez effectively ended England’s chances of survival with two high quality goals last night. Mr Suarez has been mentioned more than the rest o... MORE
Who’s tweeting?
20 june 2014: 13:00 Well, it’s most likely to be an American male, with 63% of conversation on Twitter posted by those with Y chromosomes since the start of the World Cup. Tweets about the tournament comin... MORE
Anticipation for Uruguay vs England Game Heating Up
uruguay | 19 june 2014: 17:00 Fans from Uruguay and England are ringing throughout Twitter as they anticipate today’s match. Their faceoff has garnered over 50,000 mentions. England will face on of the most mention ... MORE
Australia: Tim Cahill's Great Goal
australia | 19 june 2014: 17:00 Despite Australia’s 2 – 3 loss against Netherlands yesterday, Australian player Tim Cahill earned over 1,000 mentions for his outstanding goal in the 21st minute. For additional detai... MORE
Chile's Victory Over Spain Gets 100,000 mentions
chile | 19 june 2014: 17:00 As Chile dethroned Spain yesterday in a 2-0 victory, fans from both sides dominated the Twittersphere. The upset garnered over 100,000 mentions in a single day. For additional details and... MORE
Belgium Defeats Algeria
belgium | 18 june 2014: 15:00 In Monday’s Belgium vs Algeria match, the Belgians overcame a 1-0 lead by Algeria to win 2-1. The Belgium vs Algeria game has been discussed on Twitter extensively, with nearly 30,000 m... MORE
MMP - Most Mentioned Player
18 june 2014: 15:00 Since the start of the World Cup, players have been one of the hottest topics in online conversations. So far, van Persie is in the lead for MMP (most mentioned player) with over 88,000 m... MORE
And the winner is…
18 june 2014: 15:00 Nowhere near the end of the World Cup tournament, Twitter conversations are already voicing predictions. Germany, The Netherlands, and Brazil seem to be the frontrunners when it comes to ... MORE
Concerns still widespread
17 june 2014: 15:00 Conversations about safety, crime and strikes remain the most common topic aside from footballers over the past 48 hours, as we approach the end of the first week of the World Cup. For ad... MORE
USA’s dramatic victory
united_states | 17 june 2014: 14.30 The Americans scored both very early and very late to see off Ghana yesterday in an unlikely opening battle. Dempsey, Brooks and Ayew were on the scoresheet but the most talked-about play... MORE
Adidas lead the brand pack
17 june 2014: 14:00 As brands vie for attention amid the excitement of the tournament, Adidas is the most-mentioned sponsor on Twitter so far with almost 15,000 tweets. It’s followed by Budweiser, Sony an... MORE
Crime still a hot topic in Brazil
16 june 2014: 15:00 Despite a very successful weekend of matches, crime is still a popular theme around the World Cup. It is the third most talked about topic - from our list of monitored topics- on Twitter ... MORE
Greatest goal - RVP
netherlands | 16 june 2014: 15:00 Dutch striker Robin van Persie, who following the game said his diving header in the 5-1 victory against Spain was the greatest goal of his career, notched up a massive 373,760 mentions o... MORE
Spain’s shocker
spain | 16 june 2014: 15:00 The shock result on Friday night, which saw the Netherlands beat the current world champions 5-1 echoed around Twitter. There were over 500,000 mentions of ‘Spain vs Netherlands’, a h... MORE
Opening ceremony; which sponsor won?
13 june 2014: 15:00 On the night of the opening ceremony Coca-Cola won the sponsor buzz race with 10,480 mentions in relation to the World Cup, beating second place Sony who had 3,600 mentions. A large propo... MORE
The ‘chequered ones’ lose out to the hosts
croatia | 13 june 2014: 15:00 Despite Croatia’s best efforts and going ahead early on in the opening game, the team lost 3-1 to Brazil. Mentions of Croatia hit 225,660 on the opening day. Somewhat unsurprisingly, me... MORE
United States soccer fans also favor Mexico and Brazil
united_states | 13 june 2014: 15:00 In the past week, USA fans have racked up over 47,000 mentions on Twitter. One tweet in particular mentioned the user’s team picks for the 2014 World Cup are Mexico, Brazil and USA - th... MORE
Lackluster opening ceremony; short but not sweet
brazil | 13 june 2014: 15:00 Just an hour after the opening ceremony ended, there were 36,000 mentions of opening ceremony on Twitter, up 24,000 from right before the spectacle started. But much of the discussion inc... MORE
Brazilian protests draw attention away from opening ceremony
12 june 2014: 18:00 In the past 3 hours it's clear that strikes and anti-world cup sentiments are reemerging as the topics the global audience is most concerned with. With just a few hours to go before the o... MORE
Anticipation of opening ceremony
12 june 2014: 15:00 On the day of the opening ceremony in Brazil there is more conversation on Twitter in relation to the opening ceremony 6,870 tweets, compared to anti-world cup conversation, 3,710 tweets.... MORE
Ghana striker awaits fate after thigh injury
ghana | 12 june 2014: 15:00 Ghana’s World Cup team is in a waiting game as striker Abdul Majeed Waris recoups from a tear to his left thigh. In Monday’s friendly game against South Korea, he tore his quadricep. ... MORE
Rooney scores with fans
england | 12 june 2014: 15:00 Wayne Rooney has been mentioned - in relation to England - 2,260 times on Twitter this week. This is nearly double the number of mentions crime has had in relation to England and the Worl... MORE
Brazilian wonder kid training ground injury
brazil | 11 june 2014: 18:00 Brazilian and Barcelona forward Neymar, tipped by many to be the player of the tournament, sparked a surge of 21,700 Twitter mentions this week. The majority of mentions peaked when Neyma... MORE
Relentless rioting and the Cup hasn’t even started
brazil | 11 june 2014: 18:00 Just 3 days prior to the opening game in the 2014 World Cup, Brazilian riot police used tear gas against metro workers protesting in Sao Paulo. The strike, ongoing since Thursday, June 5,... MORE
Selfie over strikes
argentina | 11 june 2014: 18:00 Are Argentines a vain bunch? This week there has been more mentions of selfies, in relation to Argentina, compared to more economic topics such as crime, safety or security. For additiona... MORE
Anti World Cup vs FIFA
11 june 2014: 18:00 The organization behind the World Cup, FIFA, is of course the most mentioned topic in conversations on Twitter with over 490,000 mentions this week. This dwarfs conversation around the an... MORE
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