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Super Bowl XLVI - The Advertisers

Every year, the Super Bowl presents one of the most prestigious advertising opportunities to global brands. In 2011, 46 minutes of network ads were shown during Fox's telecast of Super Bowl XLV.

But the centre stage doesn't come cheap. Over the past 10 years, advertisers have spent $1.72 billion on the Super Bowl and this year a 30-second slot will set back brands $3.5 million.

We're asking - can the impact of ad-spend be measured by online buzz?

How does the Brandwatch Superbowl 2012 work?

The Brandwatch Superbowl 2012 is built to visualise the level of online reaction each Super Bowl XLVI sponsor is receiving up to and during the big game on Sunday February 5th.

Each football-playing worm represents a sponsor and the number displays the number of tweets made about that brand or their products over the last 28 days - the brand who's worm has the ball is leading the charge!

Then there's our UK and US news-worms, these guys are feeding you the hottest Super Bowl stories from their nation's news sites.

Unleash your hidden cheerleader: by tagging a tweet #bwcheerleader you can showcase your talent for chants in the cheerleader worm's speech bubble.

What is Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is one of the world's leading social media monitoring tools, with offices in the UK, US, Germany and Brazil.

The Brandwatch Superbowl 2012 was built by Brandwatch Labs, Brandwatch's very own team of designers and developers who create stunning visualisations to show off different ways of presenting Brandwatch's social media data.

What is it used for?

Innovative brands and agencies all over the world use Brandwatch to help them cut through the noise on the social web and find the conversation that matters:

  • Research - Understanding the market
  • Sales - Identifying leads
  • Customer Service - Responding and engaging quickly
  • Marketing - Targeting new networks
  • Reputation Management - Limiting negativity and building on positivity

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