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Buzz Board –
The Sponsors

The London 2012 Olympics is a major international event, presenting one of the most prestigious sponsorship opportunities to global brands.

But the centre stage doesn't come cheap. The Olympics 2012 top sponsors will pay about $100 million for a 4 year commitment. The big sponsors aim to make millions from their official Olympics association.

Each sponsor has developed a central theme for their Olympics campaign, all with heavy social media exposure.

We're keeping track - how much Olympic centric buzz is each sponsor attracting and how do the public feel about it?

How does the Buzz Board work?

The Buzz Board visualises each of the 25 official Olympic partners based on the mentions of the brand online in the English language. Each partner is awarded a score that accounts for the the potential reach of the buzz, the sentiment of the discussion and the level of engagement with each brand. Minus scores show that more Twitter users potentially read negative content than positive.

The data is live - the partner with the most successful buzz on the social web over the previous day is awarded an ice cream!

Then there's our UK and US news-worms, these guys are feeding you the hottest Olympics stories from their nation's news sites.

Unleash your hidden Londoner: by tagging a tweet #ilovelondon you can have your say and see your tweet through our London guard, policemen or city boy worm's speech bubble.

What is Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is one of the world's leading social media monitoring tools, with offices in the UK, US, Germany.

Over 500 global brands and agencies rely on Brandwatch to leverage incredible data and give their business the edge.

The Buzz Board was built by Brandwatch Labs, our very own team of designers and developers who create stunning visualisations to communicate meaningful insights with live data from our social media monitoring tool.

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What is MediaCom SPORT?

MediaCom SPORT is the specialist division of MediaCom Holding providing full service sponsorship and sports rights consultancy.

Sport has become an increasingly important marketing platform to MediaCom clients and a vital area for developing revenue and new business streams across the company. MediaCom SPORT adopts a very innovative strategic approach based on detailed consumer insight and state of the art media expertise, providing a unique approach to sponsorship within the industry, working closely with rights holders across all major platforms to provide first hand access for its clients.