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Brandwatch Euro 2012

Events like the European Championships set the social world on fire, and nothing gets people talking quite like football does.

Using our social media monitoring tool, we've taken the opportunity to listen to what people are saying about the Euro 2012 England team, finding out which players are hitting the target and which ones should be warming the bench.

How does it work?

Our listening tool cleverly pulls in data from across the web, tracking millions of tweets. We've created this data-viz to show how big data can be brought alive, displaying the types of insight that can be drawn from huge volumes of social media mentions.

This fun data-viz shows what tweeters have been saying about the England squad, updating the chatter in real-time as people take to the network to voice their opinions about what's new, who's hot, and who's not.

We proudly present…

  • Player - If you want more info about me or my teammates, just hover over us to see what people are saying about us. I hope it's nothing but nice things!
  • Referee - I am your voice in the game. Bring me to life by using the hashtag #betheref in your tweets
  • Streaker - Ummm... can't tell you right now. If you want to find out, roll over me!
  • Commentator - Want to go beyond data from Twitter? Well I'll also bring you all the latest news about the tournament
  • Manager - It's my neck on the line if my players aren't performing. Check to see if people think I'm doing a good job

Score the perfect goal - with Brandwatch

Brandwatch is one of the world's leading social media monitoring tools, with offices in the UK, US and Germany. It helps brands and agencies all over the world cut through the noise on the social web and find the conversation that matters.

Whether you're a Community Manager, Market Researcher, Marketing Manager, PR Manager, Sales Manager or football player – Brandwatch will assist you in scoring your goals!

Sign up for a demo today and we'll show you how.

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